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Carmela Sutera Wedding Dress Up

This demure damsel needs your help in dressing up for her big day. Can you choose the best dress for her ceremony?

See game for instructions

Cake Shop 2

Feeling Sweet? Share your cupcakes and cookies with the neighborhood. Upgrade your bakery, expand, and dominate the dessert world!

see in-game instructions

Cake Shop

Serve up custom cakes to demanding cake consumers. And wear an apron, because sooner or later, it'll get messy.

Click to make and serve cakes!

Britney Spears Wedding
Aw, Britney - ready for love again! And only two minutes to make it to the altar! But what is all this...baggage? Cheetos, ex boyfriends, and delicious snacks! Fortunately, there are a few powerups to make this wedding happen. All the cheezy puffs in the world can not stand in the way of love!
spacebar to jump over nasty things

Bieber Kisser

Want to make kissy faces with Justin? Sneak up on him! Elude the many bodyguards, groupies and producers. Then land a wet one on his Bieberness!

arrow keys

Bloom Defender
Who is left to fight the corrupted spirits of the forest? Trees! Place your deadly tree towers to defend your mighty oak. Cast spells to slow down the creeps, and upgrade your trees for maximum leafy destruction!
mouse controls

Bieber s Bash

We should set the record straight. His name is Bieber, not Beaver! Watch out for pesky impostors, and keep the Bieb from stealing your drum thunder!

Mouse to drum

Ashleys Journey

Ashley's got a chance to do some serious traveling - and her biggest problem is the wardrobe! Pack outfits, take photos, and live the traveling dream!

Mouse controls

Addicting DressUp

New Outfits for Spring! Be the Trendsetter, Baby! Everything we wear is Off the Hook!

Pick a Model on the "Models" tab Change clothes on the "Closet" tab "Head" tab for hair and makeup Click the "Share" button to send to friends! Hint: if you don't see new clothes, you may need to clear your browser cache.